Vodka des Princes de Kazan

born 17/10/2004

fawn, 37 cm

Vodka 10
                ans Vodka is my foundation bitch. Thank to her breeder and her wise advices I started breeding in 2007.
Vodka is a real pack-leader, always calm and self-confident, a look is enough for her to rule the rest of the pack.
She is quite independant, but creates a very strong and discret relation with humans. 
She is a wonderful mother, very tender with her puppies but perfectly knows to educate them even the most unruly ones!

Vodka is now retired but is still involved in our life. With age, she has let her daughter being the "prime minister" of our pack, but she still  keeps the respectable status of "Queen Mother".

Her pedigree
                du T.A.N.
Vodka et
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