The Italian Greyhound (or IG) is a small dog full of energy outdoors (he loves to run and chase) but is very calm and quiet indoors (he is a real coach-potato).
The Ig prefers to run freely in the countryside but can also lives in the city if he can regularly run offleash.
The IG is very sensitive and is very attached to his humans
Despite his small size and his fragile look, the IG has a lot of personnality. It is very important to establish rules and limits in his young age. It has to be done with subtility because of his sensitivness, but don't be afraid of the shivers he can have sometimes. It's more about emotions than fear or cold. "An iron hand in a velvet glove".

The IG is absolutely not a small little thing that needs to be carried in the arms all the time. If you educate an IG that way, you'll get a fearful adult impossible to take on walks in the streets because the dog will be afraid of everything (cars, people, others dogs, noises....) so you'll create potential dangers because a scared IG runs away, fast... very fast, no matter what is on his way (bikes, cars...)
The IG needs big socialization to humans, dogs and noises firstly at its kennel and then at least during the first year at his owner's.
This is the only way to educate properly your IG and to live with a balanced adult you can carry everywhere with you during 15 years.
IGs are wonderful dogs to live with, but you need to take time to educate and train them.
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