From birth to owner's home

Before we decide to mate our dogs, first of all we think and evaluate the futur parents complementarity regarding health, conformation, temperament and pedigree.

Our goal is to perpetuate a particular type: a small sighthound, but still a sighthound!

Once the mating has been decided and done the puppies born and grow at home.
From birth, socialization and sociabilization start.

                        other dogs

Sociabilization starts from birth and evolves according to puppies' age.
The new-borns are handled and petted every day.

Later, puppies will discover all the rooms of the house, the other dogs of our pack. They also will learn all the noises of a house, will start leash training, will be taken for short drives by car, will meet new people, new dogs and different spieces.
first time on leash

All this is in our opinion very important to raised puppies as balanced as possible before they leave to their owners' homes. Legally puppies could leave at 8 weeks old, but we have decided to let them go not before 10 weeks registered, vaccinated, dewormed and microshipped.

Puppies born at home are all very special to us this is why we always enjoy when owners take time to send us news or pictures. Moreover, we are always available to answer to owners' questions before the sell but most of all during the dog's whole life.

We keep the possibility to refuse a sell if we judge the future life conditions of one of our puppy will not fit to the breed's  requirements.

Haydn catches the
                        lure (9 weeks)

plays with the adults

Socialization begins with the mother. She is the first to pass the canin codes to her puppies. The other dogs are also important and are actively included in this learning process. This is why our puppies stay with their mother until their living to their new homes at 10 weeks old, and they are as soon as possible included in our pack's life.

Hyksôs and the

All this process is adjusted to the puppies' maturity and is always done in a secure environment. This is the best way to educate puppies to enjoy novelty and not to be afraid of it.

The more the puppies will have various positive experiences the more the the sociabilization left to the future owner will be easy.

the vacum